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13 Ways To Do A Body Detox | Makeup Tutorials

Doing a body detox has been a huge thing these days? We’ve all heard about cleansing or detoxifying but when should we start the process? Is it really effective?

Learn more about body detox and the natural ways to do it in this article! By doing a body detox, we recharge, rejuvenate, and renew!

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Body Detox | Natural Ways to Cleanse & Rejuvenate

1. Trying Out a Cleanse

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Cleansing is basically helping your body to eliminate toxins naturally. Drinking only liquid concoctions such as lemon juice, salted water, and herbal tea are the way to go!

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and smoothies are also key to successfully cleanse your body. When you cleanse, you also ditch processed foods that are high in contaminants and allergens.

In short, cleansing is giving your organs a break from unhealthy foods that won’t do good to your overall health.

2. Green Juice

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Green juices are one of the easiest and the most popular ways of detoxifying your body. There are a lot of green juice recipes you can try and make using fresh ingredients.

This green juice for example is lime, kale, cucumber, highly alkalizing spinach, and green apple blend together. It’s naturally sweet, mild-tasting, rich in Vitamin C, iron, and essential minerals!

By drinking green juices, you are cleansing your body while giving you a youthful glow.

3. Raw Food

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Raw foods tend to have lots of water which helps the body eliminate toxins. We also tend to get more fiber from raw foods because they are fresh and natural.

Unlike processed food which takes out the fiber, raw food is a great source of dietary fiber with various health benefits.

4. 1-Day Juice Cleanse

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A 1-day juice cleanse is an easy way to boost your mineral and vitamin intake. It’s also a quick way to reset your digestive system.

In juice cleanse, you’ll only consume cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and solid foods to give your body a break.

During a 1-day juice cleanse, it’s also recommended to drink herbal tea and plenty of water to keep you hydrated to boosts the detoxification process.

5. Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox & Cleansing Smoothie Diet

This smoothie diet aims to remove artificial flavors and chemical substances from your body. A Dr. Oz-approved detox and cleansing smoothie diet that can help you lose weight, treat acne, and more.

It is made easier for you with recipe guides, so all you have to do is throw the ingredients in a blender, give it a pulse, and drink from breakfast to dinner. The good thing about this diet is that it will help reset your body in 3 days!

6. 5-Day Detox Meal Plan

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A 5-day meal plan is not actually a strict diet as you are still able to enjoy healthy and nourishing food that is tasty and appealing to you. You are just asked to consume a balanced diet consists of more fibrous and protein-rich foods.

It’s not about deprivation but more of a simple and natural way of eating a more balanced and mindful diet.

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7. 10-Day Cleansing Diet

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This is almost like the 5-day detox meal plan except for the timeframe. It extends the detoxification process up to ten days.

Like the other body detox diet, only liquid, fresh fruit juices, and vegetables are allowed for consumption. But, before diving into this cleansing diet, make sure to prepare your mind and body.

Doing a cleanse for ten consecutive days may leave you feeling hungry and nauseous. Although these are normal body reactions, still, you have to be mindful and gentle as this may come out not as good as you expected if not done right.

8. Lemonade Detox Diet

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The lemonade detox diet is not really just about lemonade, but it is a master cleanse from where only liquids for at least ten days.

Water, herbal laxative tea, and lemonade consist of lime juice, cayenne powder, and natural sweetener are your new best friends in this specific detox diet.

9. Kidney Cleansing Fast

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A kidney-cleansing fast means that you’re only to consume kidney-friendly foods such as berries, citrus fruits, apples, low-fat dairy products, fresh vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains such as brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

10. Cleansing Bath

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A cleansing bath, also known as the spiritual cleansing bath is a therapeutic way of detoxifying your body. It is said to reject negative entities from your body making you calm and more relaxed.

This is perfect if you had a rough week and you just want to take a break from all the things that are making you weak and stress. Remember to focus not only on your entire body but on your mind and whole being as well.

Essential oils and plants are the key ingredients to boosts the effect of a cleansing bath making it a perfect moment of peace and relaxation.

11. Water

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Water alone is a powerful tool to detoxify our bodies. A fun way of drinking water for detoxification is by infusing it with fruits, fresh veggies, and herbs.

This detox water or infused water may not totally rid of toxins from your body, but it can improve your metabolism and reverse cell damage.

As you continue drinking this fruit and vegetable infused water, you’re also delivering nutrients to your body naturally.

12. Detox Enema

Detox or cleansing enemas originally are for patients suffering from constipation. This is done by inserting sanitized tools rectally so the laxative can enter and cleanse your body from the inside.

Detox enema aims to flush out toxins from your colon and digestive system. And if you didn’t know, a clean colon is essential for better digestion, weight loss, and clearer thinking.

13. Ginger

portion fresh ginger juice selective focus | body detox cleanse

Ginger water with lemon or lime juice is an excellent drink known for its detoxifying properties. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants. It can fight illness, inflammation, and cancer-causing components.

This detox may not completely cleanse your body but taking a small amount every day can boost and support your overall health.

Watch this video by Radhi Devlukia for more helpful tips on how to detox your body naturally:

Keep in mind as you do a body detox that self-care is still the most important element to successfully detoxify your body and eventually improve your overall health.

The goal is to be more in tune with your body and understand how it responds to the food you eat and to the specific diet you chose to practice. Know your body’s current condition and provide what it really needs!

Do you have more tips on how to do a body detox? Let us know in the comments section below!

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