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19 Rocking Undercut Designs For An Edgy Yet Classy Look

Are you looking into undercut designs to add an edge to your locks? An undercut could be as subtle as you want, or as daring as you want it.

Are you more of a cool girl or it girl? Continue scrolling to find your undercut inspiration.

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Undercut Designs | How Cool Girls Wear Undercuts

1. Understated Undercut Designs

portrait smiling darkhaired young woman | undercut girl

Keep your undercut subtle, barely there, but still with maximum effect.

Fade it out or draw a fine line, the edginess will still come through. This is a great stepping stone for beauties that want to experiment with edgier and cooler hairstyles, but are hesitant to go under the shaver. Just shave off as far as the ear line, then work your way up from there – if you’re daring enough.

2. Red Hot Undercut

redhead fashion model sunglasses black leather | classic undercut

Redheads can have fun too!

Add a dash of radiance to your locks with shampoo for specifically for redheads. They’ll bring out the vibrant tones in your tresses and make your undercut designs even hotter.

3. Bleach Beauty

blonde fashionable hairstyle accessories | undercut haircut girl

Having two tones in your hair is a great way to show off the contrast between an edgy haircut design and a classic style. Maintain your dark locks in your undercut, then bleach your locks.

Curling it will likewise add a bit of femininity and a cool girl vibe.

4. Slick Back

beautiful confident woman strong face bold | short undercut

Pull your hair back for a strong and bold undercut design.

Not a fan of the wet hair look most gels give you? Apply mousse on damp, towel-dried hair and run your hands through your hair, sweeping it back lightly to give it some volume. Once your hair dries, the mousse will maintain its hold throughout the day, keeping your hair back without leaving a trace of slickness.

If you like the wet hair look, look for a gel with a strong hold and a high shine. This look could be cool and modern, but still business casual.

5. Two-Tone Undercut Designs

girl creative blue coloring rainbow her undercut | layered undercut

Extra adventurous with your locks? A two-tone hair color that screams fun paired with a rad undercut that reveals a cool personality makes for a great crown.

I love how the long, blue, layered tresses contrast with the brightly colored undercut. Add tinges of green and magenta for gorgeous mermaid hair.

6. Electric Undercut Designs

trendy model in sandals near rough mountain | classic undercut

This undercut design is another great one for beginners that need a do that will go from bold to business casual in under a minute.

Rock a short bob parted in the middle and allow your undercut to peak by putting your hair behind your ear. Time for that video conference call? Simply untuck your hair and straighten out your hair.

Upgrade your undercut bob by coloring your undercut with a bright electric color to contrast with cool, jet black hair.

7. Stacked

young woman short trendy haircut over | undercut fade

Undercutting both sides of your head making you look flat?

Combat that by trimming your hair into a stacked pixie or short, stacked bob. A stacked haircut has many layers that will create both volume and dimension to your locks. Other ways to add dimension are highlights and lowlights. Take your pick.

Undercut designs could just be another detail you add to your locks rather than the centerpiece. How you wear your crown depends 100% on your preferences, queen.

8. Cool Curls

woman in gray sweater wearing black framed eyeglasses | undercut fade

An undercut can also be a fierce way to control tightly coiled or 3C curly hair.

Kick off your curly girl reboot journey by chopping off your locks. The slit at the side is to add a dose of attitude in case someone mistakes you for a nice girl. But if you really are a sweetheart, keep your curly hair longer in a short bob or lob.

Don’t forget to use curl definition cream on your hair on your wash days. It will keep your curls curly and keep them from frizzing and drying out.

9. Pretty in Pastel

portrait young business woman crossed hands | classic undercut

Keep it pretty neat with a pretty pink pastel hair color. Pastel hues can help soften your looks if you find your undercut design was done a bit too tough.

I swear by using a good mousse on damp hair to keep your hair neat, but never flat. If you want to add a bit of volume to your hair, apply heat protection spray and a mousse on damp hair. Blow dry your hair with a large roller brush section by section then finish off with a lightweight hair spray.

10. Long Undercut Designs

beauty portrait female face natural skin | undercut girl

Love your long hair? Since an undercut design takes only up only a section of your hair (of your choosing), you can still maintain your long locks.

A chic detail to add to your undercut is to push back your hairline and allow it to fade down the sides. This look goes excellent with a fierce pair of cat eyes and a deep, natural lip color.

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11. Platinum Pixie

fashion beauty portrait young woman stylish undercut | layered undercut

Growing out your pixie? This look is great for beauties transitioning to a short bob, but want to avoid the awkward growing out stage. Think of this as the last station to your bob journey.

Give the ultra-short look one last ride before you take off, adding undercut designs to the sides of your head but keeping your crown long.

Keep your crown layered or stacked to add much-needed volume. This way, you’ll also get to chop off the pesky split ends so you get to grow a healthy head of hair.

12. Very Violet

futuristic fashion girl violet short hair | short undercut

I love electric shades of color as they add an edge that isn’t as intimidating as your typical dark-colored hues. And a warm tone like this lovely lavender shade is just the perfect shade for someone looking for something bold, yet feminine. And the undercut design just blends in and plays well to the modern concept.

Keep the undercut to a minimum if this is your first time. If you have post-salon regrets, you won’t have to worry since this hairstyle will grow to an ethereal pixie cut in no time at all.

If you colored your hair this shade, remember to use purple shampoo regularly. Follow the instructions on the bottle to make the most of your unicorn hair.

13. Bob With Undercut Designs

stylish woman blond girl make blue | undercut girl

So you went from long locks to a bold bob, but didn’t quite achieve the edgy effect you were going for? A subtle undercut design ought to do the trick.

I love the cool platinum shade that so well sets the tone for the makeup and the OOTD. With a look like this, you won’t have to work so hard to style the rest of your look.

This hair color will look amazing on babes with skins with cooler undertones. However, this might wash out some beauties with warmer undertones and leave you looking a bit sickly.

14. Medium Bob With Undercut Designs

fashion young girl walks down street | layered undercut

Company director by day, but rocker chic at night?

Mask your undercut underneath voluminous layers. Also keep the section of the undercut at a minimum, shaving off just below the temple until the tip of your ears. This way, even though you tuck your hair behind your ears, the look will still be understated.

This is just the right amount of edge for those that work a 9 to 5, then a 12-3 later that night.

15. Power Do

stylish focused woman leaned on hand at table in countryside | undercut girl

On second thought, why hide a chic undercut? Your undercut could work to upgrade your office suit to a power suit.

Toss the larger section all the way to the side to show off your edge. You can fade out the hair behind your undercut or chop it off short to create a mohawk-like effect.

16. Braided Crown

woman undercut hairstyle wearing red silk | classic undercut

Frame your undercut like you would a beautiful piece of art with neatly done French braids just above your undercut. This look offers such an ethereal feel, great for beauties that want an undercut but want to maintain a soft, pretty girl vibe.

It’s also perfect for babes that are striving for a boho chic look. The braids provide the boho, the undercut designs provide the chic.

17. X-Shaped Undercut Designs

young blond girl undercut hairstyle | undercut girl

If you tie your hair frequently, add another layer of edge with an undercut design. You can also shave your undercut in a diamond shape to give it a more unique feel. This type of look might require some regular maintenance. But the beauty of an undercut is that it grows long enough quite quickly, so you can keep experimenting with different designs and silhouettes.

18. Starry Undercut Designs

prophil womans head hairstyle | short undercut

Inspired by the stars or simply reaching for them? Allow them to design your undercut to create an ornate aesthetic to an already elaborate hairstyle.

Make sure to do a consultation with a proper barber before taking a plunge. Ask your friends for recommendations to make sure you find the barber that is best suited to meet your expectations.

19. Full Braids

woman with braided hair leaning on wall | undercut girl

This look is great for beauties with natural hair, just giving you layer after layer of style and aesthetics.

Braided hair is already such a stunning look, and even more so when style it into a half pony. Adding an undercut design to a smaller section of your head gives it a completely new look – it’s so fresh and so it.

It’s equally important to know how to take care of your undercut hairstyle, make sure to check out this video below:

Tressed to impress? You are now. Take these undercut design inspirations and take it to a hairstyling expert stat!

Your hair is your crown and I implore you to treat it like the royalty it is. With chic undercut hairstyles that is! You’ll dominate the city streets all the way to the catwalk.

Understand what undercut designs can do for you? Have you booked an appointment with your hairstylist yet? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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