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How Meditation & Energy Healing Can Transform your life

Meditation forms the ground on which the trees of energy healing and spirituality can grow.

Many energy practitioners and spiritual healers connect meditation with energy healing for one’s powerful transformation of personality and the solution of spiritual and physical problems. When you meditate, you can connect to the deepest part of the self, while energy healing allows you to control your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional parts of the body.  Combining these two practices shift your energy and align them with the Universal energy.

Role of Meditation in the transformation of your life

Meditation gives you an opportunity to look within and improve your awareness related to your physical and spiritual being. As a result, you are more alert about what go on around you and more happy and eager to achieve your goals.

According to Stanford University’s School of Medicine, Morning meditation cultivates emotional intelligence and enhances the chances of career success as well. Meditation is also one of the greatest helpers in fighting depression, fight insomnia, and many emotional problems.

Dr. MadhavGoyal of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine conducted experiments on depressed patients. He trained them to meditate 2.5 hours per week while giving Reiki treatment to them as well. The results were an amazing maximum recovery of their symptoms in just two months.

Energy healing process

In energy healing, we believe that the body is a complete energy system, and any imbalance in this system creates obstructions of the flow of energy; when there is stagnant in energy the result is illness or emotional trauma.  Energy healing is an effective means of helping the body heal itself by keeping the flow of energy moving. It works by directly improving your physical, emotional, and spiritual body and the body is then able to overcome mental and physical problems and diseases.

When you look within and focus on the inner resources, you feel the presence of a certain energy that helps you improving the performance in daily activities as well as giving you full control over your actions. There are many popular forms of self-healing therapies; some of these are Reiki, Pranic healing, Emotional Touch Therapy, Tapping and many other alternatives which are too many to list here.

Meditation & Energy Healing Processes Combined

Here is how you can start using the combined power of meditation and energy healing to improve your mental and physical issues and transform your life.

  • Set aside 30 minutes a day to do this practice. Maybe before bed time or right after you wake up in the morning.
  • Choose a very peaceful place, any place that is clean and peaceful to meditate. It can be anywhere you enjoy spending time. You can also administer Reiki for yourself while mediating.  To administer Reiki for yourself you can place your hands on any part of your body that need relief and focus on bringing in the Universal energy to that area. You should feel a warm sensation there. 
  • While in meditation, focus on what you want and how you want to achieve your goals. If you are at lost and don’t know what to focus then just think about something that make you smile. Be grateful for everything that you have in your life. Your thoughts create your reality so if you want positive things to come into your life reframe your thoughts. Sometimes, this is easy said than done. If this happened you need to recondition your thinking by shifting your energy to focus only on the positives thoughts.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breath, start with counting the breath from 1 to 5 then increases to 1 to 10. Here you can imagine anything your heart design. Whether meeting your soul mate or increase your income or maybe just feeling positive about the world around you.
  • Seat in meditation until you feel that your mind and body are balance and that the energy is shift to higher consciousness.

How energy healing and meditation can work together in transforming your life

With time, your brain will get used the shift of energy and start functioning accordingly. You will become more positive and loving; by shifting into higher vibration you attract positive- and likeminded people towards you.

Sitting quietly in meditation help create a positive energy shift to align the body and mind connection. Freeing up your internal and external environment with distractions is the most important thing both for meditation and energy flow. A calm and peaceful atmosphere also helps in the visualization of positivity that is within us and around us. You can use the combined power of both to visualize by imagine the smooth flow of energy spreading throughout the body creating and reprogramming your mind and body to shift to higher frequency. Shifting this energy flow will eventually transform your life for the better.

Imagine as if a golden glow of energy is enveloping you and this envelope is enlarging slowly. Feel as if you are 100% safe inside the envelope and everything is perfect inside it. No negative energy can enter into it and everything is perfect the way it should be. This technique eliminates the source of the problem and helps you focus on what is important.

The combination of meditation and the energy healing provide a new term known as self-healing meditation. If you want your energy to shift to higher vibration then combining these two practices will provide remarkable results. If you ever watch “The Secret” or any of Abraham Hicks video then you understand that thoughts create reality. So decide today to shift your energy and reprogram your mind to achieve your dreams. When you decided that your life can improve for the better, then whatever you think you can achieve or attract into your life the Universal energy will start to work with you.

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