Juicing Recipes for Radiant Glowing Skin

In this article, I will discuss what juicing is and the importance of juicing for younger-looking skin.

What exactly is juicing?  How do you juice at home? And why is it essential for your health?

What is juicing exactly?

What exactly is juicing?  How do you juice at home? And why is it essential for your health?

Rather than eating your vegetables and fruits, you use the juicer to extract the juice that’s full of nutrients and vitamins to drink. Juicing fuel your body with abundant nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins and give your body time to rest and recover from any illnesses or diseases.

There are many benefits to juicing: better sleep, shiny and healthy hair, a better digestive system, and much more. Usually, people see the benefits within a week of juicing.

Juicing is also the easiest way to slim down, cleanse your body and boost your immune system. It is the best way to clear, beautiful, and younger-looking skin.

When you drink fresh organic juice,  your body quickly absorbs the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants used immediately to fight diseases and environmental stressors.

Juicing gives your body the rest of already predigested veggies and fruits. Your body doesn’t need to digest all the fibers in the food. Most of us don’t eat enough food to have the abundant vitamins and nutrients required for our body to heal and recover; juicing helps solve this problem.

Below are recipes for you to start your journey to better health. You could start by doing one juice a day and increase as you are more comfortable. I usually start with a green juice in the morning, a sweeter juice in the afternoon, and end with a green juice in the evening for dinner. Every time the season changes, I do about three days with just juice. These recipes will help you on your way to better health, lose weight, and have younger, more radiant skin.

Yummy Carrot Juice

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Six medium-size carrots

Thumb-size piece of ginger peeled.

One small cucumber

1/2 a small lemon

a pinch of black or white pepper or cayenne pepper


1. Wash and chop carrots and cucumber. If you are using the juice no need to chop too small; just skinny enough to feed through the juicer.
2. Wash  the ginger and lemon, then add them both in
3. Pour into the tall glass and sprinkle a bit of black or white pepper.

**Tip: According to some study cayenne pepper helps increase metabolism and curbed appetite. So adding a little of this to your juice boosts weight loss and more energy.

Lemony Greens

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This juice is the best when it comes to speeding up weight loss and provide more energy. Lemons are a powerful fat-burning superfood, and cucumber is excellent for your complexion. It also tastes pretty good.


1 1/2 cups of kale

One large lemon (peeled)

1 1/2 large cucumbers

Two large granny smith apples


1. Wash and slice veggies and apples and lemon
2.  Feed the washed apples and veggies into the juicer, starting from the bottom of the ingredients first.
3. Then, add the lemon; you could peel the lemon or leave the skin as is.
4. Pour the juice into a tall glass and enjoy!

**Tip: If you are not drinking the juice right away, pour it into a glass jar or bottle and place it in the fridge. Glass bottle or jar seems to keep the juice fresh longer. You can even make extra, and these will keep for about five days. Great for a hectic week. 

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  1. Hi Mytrang,
    Really like your site. Really good juices and recipes. Would you please have more cleanse recipes we can follow. Do you do challenges? like juice cleanse challenge. I checked your page on Facebook but it didn’t have what I needed.

    1. Thank you, Juliana, I’ll try and post more juice and smoothie cleanse recipes. Maybe end of September I’ll have more time to do a group cleanse. I’ll send out an email and let everyone on my email list know.
      Take care,

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