Are you living your purpose? Most people don’t, and a few think they do but are incorrect. However, there are several signs that you have probably found and live your purpose. I used passion and purpose interchangeably here because living your passion is finding your purpose in life. It might be right under your nose that you’ve never considered.

Once you’ve determined the passion for your life and begin living it; it feels like everything seems to fit into the right place.

Have you found your passion? Here are some signs that will enlighten you:

  • The time flies by. When you’re spending time pursuing your purpose, it’s hard to figure out where the time went. There are only a few activities that allow you to seemingly escape the passage of time.
  •  It’s a fantastic feeling to find something easy to work on when other things can be so painful.image -

You feel at peace. There’s a sense of relaxation and focus when you’re living your purpose. You can just think that you’re doing the right thing and living your life the way it was meant to be lived. There’s a calm that comes from living your passion that’s hard to describe until you experience it yourself. Living a life of purpose means you found the love of your life. When you are awake in the morning, you are eager to get up and do the work you are doing and not feel stressed. You feel at peace and happy knowing you are creating changes in the world that is bigger than you.

  • It feels intuitive. Living your purpose feels natural. It’s a similar feeling to finding your perfect life partner. It’s a very comfortable and joyful feeling.
  • You are never tired of doing that thing. Your purpose creates energy within you. It doesn’t drain you. When you spend your day doing something you like, you feel exhilarated, and at the end of the day, you have an abundance of energy to do more.
  • You’re not afraid to take risks. When you feel less stress in your life, you’re willing to take on more risks. You won’t let anything hold you back. When you’re doing something important, you’re braver and not afraid of failing.

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  • Money isn’t the driving force. You’re not drawn to your purpose by the financial rewards. However, there are often great financial rewards for living your purpose. You’re interested, motivated, and enjoy the work you do. That’s the ultimate recipe for providing a lot of value and creates an avalanche of changes.
  • Luck is always on your side. There’s no scientific explanation for it, but you seem to be luckier than most people; it seems you always get everything your way. When you’re living your purpose, it does seem this way. You spend your time doing things like to do, and you will always attract luck, and everything else you set out to accomplish seems to work out for the better. Is it true in your life?
  • You spend your money wisely. There are just a couple of reasons to spend money:

        Buying or paying for necessities such as food, clothing, and a place to live. You purchase your wants and not your needs. You buy things on impulse to make yourself feel better. The unhappy you are, the more likely you are to overspend as a way to uplift your mood. When you’ve found your purpose and living your passion, you’ll find that you spend a lot less because you’re more happy and sure of yourself.  

  • You care more about your work and less about what others think. We’re all sensitive to varying degrees about the opinions of others. But, when you’re engaged in your purpose, you are free of this concern. What you’re doing feels so right that you’re not interested in what others think about what you’re doing. You feel free and happy to do the work that you do to help so many others.

When you are not living your purpose, you feel lost and discontent. You are happy and sure of your days and the time you spend doing your work if you find your life purpose. Everything feels right, and nothing feels off. 

Living a life of purpose, every day feels meaningful. You’re doing what you’re meant to do, and that gives your life purpose and direction. It’s a bit like sailing with the wind at your back; everything feels easier and more fulfilling.

There are many ways to find your purpose in life. For some, it might be a specific job or career path. Others may find their purpose through volunteering or raising children. The important thing is to focus on what brings you happiness and fulfillment, and then go after it with all you’ve got.

A life of purpose isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. When you’re living for a greater purpose than yourself, every day is an adventure. You’ll never know what’s going to happen next, but you can be sure it will be interesting.

Here’s a life you’re meant to live,


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