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Clean sweep

Yummy juice that cleanse

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This Juice is packed with wholesome goodness for your body, that you can almost feel it detoxing and cleansing your body. Both grapes and carrots are packed with valuable vitamins, minerals, and naturally sweet. They blend perfectly with the celery to help lessen the bitterness of this veggie. Drink this juice daily to give your system a through clean inside out.


2 large celery sticks

1 large carrot

1 cup of green grapes

A few sprig of parsley

Slice of lemon for decoration


Method 1:

  1. Wash veggies and fruits well
  2. Put veggies and fruits through a juicer.
  3. Starting with carrot, grapes then celery and finally parsley.
  4. Pour juice into two glasses and serve with slices of lemon.

Method 2:

  1. Put all clean veggies and fruits in a blender and blend it until fairly smooth.
  2. Place a clean nut bag over the large bowl or pitcher and pour the blended veggies and fruits into the bag.
  3. Use your hands to squeeze the juice until the bag feel fairly dry.
  4. Pour into glasses and drink ASAP
  5. Keep left over juice in a glass jar and seal it tight before storing in the fridge.

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