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Weekly Sample Meal Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are looking for a sample meal plan to help you get started on a healthy pescatarian eating lifestyle then you come to the right place.  Pescatarian don’t eat meat but they do consume seafood. Here’s a week’s worth of delicious, healthy meal ideas to try at home.

Day 1

Breakfast: Overnight oat with fresh berries – place 8 oz coconut or almond milk in a jar, add 4 tablespoons of  gluten free roll oat, stir and leave in the fridge overnight. Put berries and honey before eating.

Lunch: Wild smoke salmon salad and pita – Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt is used in place of mayonnaise to fit in with clean eating guidelines.

Dinner: Black bean burgers – Use whole grain. Or skip the bun and use romaine lettuce as a wrap. Add a dash of cayenne for a little kick.

Day 2

Breakfast: Green protein smoothie – You can use your favorite leafy greens for this recipe. Blend 1cup of greens like kales, spinach or micro-green broccoli, add ¼ cup of fruit for added sweetness and water or almond milk.

Lunch: Veggie sandwich – Use whole grain or collard greens and several types of veggies such as bean sprouts, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and spread some natural hummus or fermented garlic sauce.

Dinner: Roasted salmon and steamed kale with brown rice – Squeeze a lemon or lime wedge over salmon and rice for a fresh pop of citrus.

Day 3

Breakfast: Chia breakfast pudding – This is easy to make. 4 tablespoons of chia seeds add 8 oz of almond milk or oat milk. You could use others but these are the creamiest to use for pudding. Leave on the counter for 15-20 minutes or until thicken. Stir frequently so they don’t clump up. Sprinkle raspberries, blueberries or strawberries on top and drizzle with honey.

Lunch: Lettuce wraps – Easy to make. Just use large romaine lettuce leaf and fill the inside with smoke salmon, cilantro, avocado and black pepper or some kind of hot sauce. Make sure it’s natural ingredients in the sauce. Roll it up and you are ready to enjoy.

Dinner: Rice Pasta with olives, fresh baby tomatoes and raw fermented garlic sauce – Long noodles are ideal for this recipe. Be sure to use whole grain rice pasta or chickpea pasta.

Day 4

Breakfast: Coconut yogurt with berries and sprinkle with super food Goji berries – A very simple and delicious way to incorporate superfood in your diet. *Goji berries are easy to get at any market. Stay with Tibetan goji berries they’re softer and sweeter.

Lunch: Superfood smoothie – Blend a variety of berries, leafy greens, yogurt and your choice of milk or coconut water for a creamy and delicious treat.

Dinner: Stir fry – Rice and stir fry veggies. Place a little bit of oil in the frying pan and when it’s hot and ready put garlic stir then add veggies of your choice. Some that I usually use are mushrooms, broccoli, carrots and sugar snap peas sautéed and tossed together season with salt and pepper. You can keep it vegetarian or add a bit of smoke salmon or tempeh.

Day 5

Breakfast: Oatmeal or chia seed pudding with berries and banana.  Sprinkle with Flaxseed or different types of spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

Lunch: Burrito wraps – Beans, rice and spinach or broccoli sprout wrapped up in a warm tortilla.

Dinner: Quinoa Pan Fry wild Alaskan Salmon – Pan fry wild Alaskan Salmon with your favorite seasonings, slice and serve on top of a bed of quinoa. Top with kale sprouts. Use a lemon or lime wedge for a citrus boost.

Day 6

Breakfast: Vegan Veggie frittata – Zucchini, onions and bell peppers are roasted and tempeh then baked mixture of almond milk with garlic, tarragon, turmeric, arrowroot, nutritional yeast (make it taste like cheese) and sea salt. You can use your favorite veggies.

Lunch: Sprout salad – A very delicious and versatile salad. Use varieties of sprout veggies and root vegetable. May incorporate fruits such as raspberries or dried cranberries sweetened in fruit juice. You could bake the roots in the oven about 10 minutes. Usually we use beets and carrots. Then cut in bite size and mix in with sprouts and any lettuce of your choice. Squeeze a bit of lemon and olive oil on top.

Dinner: Sweet potato skillet – Sweet potato sautéed in Tex-Mex inspired flavors with beans and tomatoes, or served with baked wild salmon or smoke salmon. The trick to make salmon tastier is to use plenty of garlic and onion. Smoke Paprika also gives it kick up.

Day 7

Breakfast: Warm oats – A very filling meal of oats cooked with your choice of fruit. To sweeten, use pure organic honey, pure maple syrup or even chopped dates.

Lunch: Tuna salad – Incorporate Mediterranean flavors in your dish with olives and artichoke hearts. Serve on whole grain bread or rice cracker.

Dinner: Wild cod kebabs with veggies – Cut cod into cubes and Grill skewers with veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, onion and grape tomatoes.

Clean eating has never sounded so good. If you’ve been thinking that eating this way is dull and dreary, think again. Enjoy a week of these delicious recipes and you won’t go back to eating the boring unhealthy food again. Do drop me a line to tell me how you like these recipes.

Here’s to healthier you,


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