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Why Reiki Healing Works & How It Can Help Ease Your Everyday Stress

The word “Reiki” originated from the Japanese language. The word “Rei” means “God’s wisdom” or “The Greater Power”, while “Ki” means “Life Force Energy”.

Reiki healing is an energy-based process that initially originated in Japan and is based on the idea that everyone has a unique life force energy that he/she can use to keep away negative feelings and forces. The method use to activate Reiki is personal and according to reference. Some practitioners draw Reiki symbols and then bring in the universal energy. When I give Reiki to client I first ask for blessings and guidance with divine beings. I cleanse the room and spaces around me and my client of all the negative energy. Then, I stay really focus and my mind tune out of everything else except for the guidance of my spiritual guides and angles. Then, I ask them to stay present and guide me as I provide the Reiki session. A person often needs the help of a Reiki master to activate and bring in the universal energy if they’re new to Reiki. A Reiki master can also help guide anyone to use Reiki for the ultimate spiritual guidance. In Reiki treatment, the Reiki practitioner promotes a healthy flow of energy. An experience Reiki master can feel the client’s energy and know where the stagnant energy that causes pain. A great benefit of giving Reiki is that Reiki master also receives Reiki. In this way, Reiki is a win-win as both receive the benefit.

Reiki treatment also serves as a form of complementary medicine; it can assist in the control and management of various mental diseases including depression, anxiety, and stress. Receiving Reiki is very relaxing and giving Reiki help heightened and awakens perceptions so that doing so I noticed serendipity in the moments.

According to a review published in December 2014 in the journal Pain Management Nursing, it was clearly explained that the Reiki practitioner is never a source of energy nor is he/she responsible for the creation and origination of energy. Instead, he/she plays his/her role by serving as a channel for energy. It is just like a gas pipe that serves as a source of gas and only directs required energy to the right destination.

Effectiveness of Reiki Treatment in Removing Everyday Stress

If we particularly study the effect of Reiki treatment in easing everyday stress, we come to know that it serves as a spiritual practice like meditation and effectively helps in the reduction of stress by promoting spiritual healing. It is due to this reason that more and more Americans are opting for Reiki treatment for the relaxation of mind and body, pain management, stress control, and anxiety treatment.

We deal with a multitude of stressors each day and they often cause many stressful feelings such as sleeplessness, anxiety, digestive problems, discomfort, and sometimes confusion. Dealing with stress can be quite challenging, as it develops when an individual experiences a lack of equilibrium in his emotional and physical world. Continuous negative or anxious thinking can lead to severe stress.

The people who use Reiki treatment say that it helps them in stress management by reducing the stress symptoms such as muscle tension in the neck and back region and lessen the feelings of anxiety. Many of my clients also stated that after a Reiki session they are more relax and can concentration better.   

In 2007, a survey was conducted by the National Institutes of Health where 1.2 million adults were treated with the energy-based therapy such as Reiki; then examine the impact this treatment on these patients. All the patients experienced positive outcome in the end of the treatment.  

Reiki treatment works by improving the potential of the body to heal itself. It is no secret that nature has created human beings with various mental and spiritual powers that can be stimulated by regulating body energies and activating the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Reiki healing is one way of enabling the person to take advantage of positive body energy known as life force energy or Universal energy.

Symptoms of Everyday Stress

Some symptoms of everyday stress that can be eliminated by using Reiki or other energy healing treatment are various sleep problems, including sleeplessness, over thinking, feelings of worry and anxiety, emotional imbalance, mental burden, confusion, anger, headache, discomfort and many other symptoms. The severity of the stress symptoms varies from person to person, especially if he/she is facing a situation where he/she feels there is no way out.

After the Reiki session, 95% of the people report positive results and stated that they are feeling considerable their symptoms. The best part about Reiki treatment is that it can be giving in the same room or long distance. Reiki is an excellent extra complementary treatment that works so well with traditional medicine. Best of all Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, and safe solution to improve mind body connection and lessen stress.

Reiki Session for Stress Removal

What can you can expect in a Reiki session?

  •  The Reiki session last 30-90 minutes long.
  • You will be lying on your back on a massage table with a bolster under your knees.
  • A Reiki practitioner will assess the severity of the problem and activation of energy by gently touching various areas of your body above the cloth. It’s not like a massage. You are getting a treatment fully clothed.
  • You may observe a lot of different sensations such as warmth, vibration, or sleepiness during the session.
  • Some Reiki master combines essential oil in the treatment. If he/she does the Reiki practitioner usually ask the client before applying any oil.
  • At the end of the session, you will be allowed to ask any questions that you may have regarding the treatment.

Reiki treatment can help you in getting rid of everyday stress and also provide an alternative to use in combination with traditional medicine. Reiki master cannot heal or cure their clients of any illnesses or diseases; they can only activate the energy that’s already in the client’s body to help with the healing process.

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